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You Fly, You Die – Gil Boyd Tells his story as a pioneer in aviation.  Boyd, the nephew of Butch Cassidy, was only 15 when he was a gas boy for the Berlin Air Show in 1935. Later he would go on to be one of the world’s top stunt pilots, flying in shows and movies for several decades.  Gil even worked as a private airplane chauffeur for political figures throughout his career.

The book is fully illustrated and filled with many short segments that touch on almost all parts of aviation history.  Also included in the book is a reproduction of Joe Mackey’s 1936 “A Practical Course in Acrobatics”






A different look at Antisemitism and the way we’ve handled it from the Great Depression era until now. Hitler released a beautiful Jewish woman from Dachau death camp to become his mistress and experiment in a mass female work force birth control program which failed, leaving his beautiful Jewess wondering and confused about her own sexuality, neither this way or that. This war of words is well illustrated with original 1930’s-1950’s ‘belles-lettres,’ NAZI files and the author’s stunt flying scenes. Gil Boyd is the sole surviving pilot of the US troupe that performed in Berlin in 1935, in front of Hitler. Boyd, a US Navy volunteer, spent 1942-1946 in WW-II military. Read and enjoy a shocking look at nature’s first law, greed, hidden US political murders, the rejection of Christ in a US court of law, and NASA’s dark secret that created this different work, called simply “Beloved Child of the 3rd Reich.”

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