Carol was born and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She was the youngest and only girl of four children. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Currently, in semi-retirement, she is a Freelance Writer. She is the author of COCO THE HOMELESS LABRADOODLE, a chapter book for ages 7-107. Her poetry has been published in SENIOR TIMES, a Florida magazine; and in BACOPA, A Literary Review. Her story, Unnoticed Shenanigans, a bit of her humor, was published by Fireside Publications, in their HOLIDAY TALES ANTHOLOGY.

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What is FUNALICIOUS? Edward and his parents do not know the meaning of FUNALICIOUS, but they strive to figure it out as Edward shares his exciting, fast moving, fun story about a typical day of fishing with his daddy.

They start the day with yummy pancakes topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Then they make dough balls to use for their fish bait. Edward’s mommy packs lunches for her fishermen and sends them to the dock for a fun-packed day of fishing.

Edward and his daddy have fun feeding the fish, singing and having lunch. Then it’s time to use the dough balls and focus on fishing. Edward catches ten little fish, but he throws them back in the water so they can get bigger. Suddenly, it happens, he catches the biggest fish in all his life! Or does it get away? Lots of excitment on the dock. Thank goodness for rescue efforts, Edward’s daddy traps the big fish. Edward is so proud of his big fish and he knows if he keeps the fish, he eats it. That’s fine with him because he loves fish. Edward had fun cleaning the dock after their busy day of fishing. And as a treat for the little fish, Edward threw his leftover dough balls into the water. Edward’s family ended their day with delicious fish, caught by the little fisherman! So with all the fun and the delicious food, have a Funalicious day! (Dough ball recipe and the words for Edward’s fishing song are included.)

The illustrations are created by pediatric patients at the Universtiy of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital in Gainesville, FL, with the assistance of the Arts in Medicine Program. Proceeds donated to the Arts in Medicine Program at UF Health Shands. The story is based on true events that took place on Buck Lake, northeast of Orlando.

Children ages 2-8 will enjoy Edward’s fun day of fishing. Adults who read to young children will also be entertained with Edward’s busy day on the dock! Get prepared to laugh out loud! Enjoy as you learn what it’s all about to have a FUNALICIOUS day! crs

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