Fine Images will function as either your publisher, print consultant or marketing consultant for self publishers. We offer many services to help you determine your best options.

Some authors want us to handle everything and we function as publishers for them. Others want to establish their own publishing company and just want printing and possibly some additional marketing or consulting services. 

We are flexible and able to help authors and presenters in many different ways. We’ll review your needs and offer suggestions. 


As your publisher we will handle the necessary basics of a professionally printed and available book.

  • Copyright submission or consulting

  • ISBN and Barcodes – used to identify a book’s title, author, publisher and edition.

  • Library of Congress Numbers – necessary for library sales.

  • Ebooks – can also be placed on Amazon or our bookstore for sale or on author’s website. 

  • Fulfillment and Book Storage – we will store and ship your book to you or your customers.

  • Customized Book Marketing and Publicity – after review we will propose marketing and publicity options.

  • Web Pages – we can create a web page or help you develop an author’s site. 

The benefits of being an author or self publisher can be very rewarding and we will serve your success with customized consulting.


We also offer the self publisher any of the above services and consulting as needed. Let us know how we can help your company.


  • Know your reader

  • Choose your graphics to fit your message. Great graphics make it easier for your message to be understood and your point made.

  • Place graphics near your most important ideas.

  • The first few seconds looking at a printed page make the difference in whether the page is read or not.

  • Match your message to the reader.

  • Inject personality!

  • Know the message you want to communicate.

  • Highlight your key objectives with type style and graphics if you can.

  • Use both front and back covers to excite your reader.

  • Accent your benefits and features to the audience.

  • Understand colors and how to use them effectively

  • Graphics sometimes can do more than 1,000 words – use them wisely.

Let your printed materials sell your ideas by:

  • Choosing typefaces, styles and sizes for maximum impact.

  • Using the visual relief of upper and lower cases to emphasize key elements and graphics.

  • Consider your image or intent when choosing a typeface.

  • Know when you can mix fonts within documents.

  • Make headlines stand out.

  • Try varying the leading between lines and spacing between paragraphs

  • Use kerning to add “air” between words and letters

  • Select alignments (justify – right, center or left) to fit the scheme of your work.

Fine Images can help you put all these together for the most impact and effect using a myriad of printing methods and techniques with the best quality at very competitive pricing.


Call or email us for quotes, estimates or consulting.

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