For many individual authors or smaller publishers the task of typesetting and job composition or design is daunting. Fine Images offers our customers full typesetting, design, editing and composition services. Simply send us your manuscript via the web or in disk or paper format and we’ll professionally prepare it for print.

We will ensure that a professional looking publication is created for you. Even publications with economic figures, engineering equations or most foreign languages are not a problem – all at a very reasonable price.

Let us show you how our unique abilities can help you communicate with your customers or readers.

Fine Images can do the typesetting and layout for all your printing needs. Typesetting services can be utilized to edit your existing files and we can layout your copy and designs for any document prior to printing. We can work from your mock-ups, rough notes and sketches or even from verbal consultation with you.

If you provide documentation we can put it into professional book format.

Need help editing your book?

We can edit your book for spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors.  If you need editing help, contact us via the Quote Page and let us know.  Costs for editing your book will depend, in part, on the length of the book.

Professional Quality Books!

We can typeset and design your printing and scan your photos onto disk for hard copy printouts and duplication. Just e-mail us your computer file. We will print it out on a quality laser printer, copy and duplicate to meet your specs and deadlines. We can staple, fold or bind it and promptly ship or deliver to you.

Fine Images will work with your designer or design a book cover, brochures, posters, postcards or whatever you need for marketing and promotion.

Our team can review your work and make suggestions. Our recommendations often speed delivery to your customers while lowering your costs. For more information about how Fine Images can provide you with type, design, print, mailing and distribution solutions, please contact us.


Email us from the CONTACT OR QUOTE PAGES or directly to